Blood Precious

Pub: Transita

“Bookbag loved this book. With utterly preposterous plotting and dripping with irony, Banerji lays bare the truth of the often uncomfortable relationships we have with our friends, families and, most importantly, ourselves.” The Bookbag

“By the time I reached the water, I could just make out Naomi waving. I woke up in hospital. Apparently life savers had pulled me out and saved my life. I was furious. And that was the start of them poking around. This was a situation that Jack and I had not thought of, that the time would come when other people would poke their noses in, and prevent the surviving one from doing away with his or herself.”

Snobbish, aloof and eighty years old, Lady Arabella Cunningham-Smythe wishes she were dead. Then at least she could join her late husband as they had planned so meticulously before he died.
Lady ArabellaBut a band of well meaning friends and relations are determined to thwart her wishes. It is only when her beloved four year old granddaughter Naomi – who has magical powers – is kidnapped that things change. Lady Arabella must regain the will to live if she is to turn detective, successfully outwit a mass murderer – and learn to master her mobile phone.


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